Angus Mitchell (Paul Mitchell Systems)

(A research paper my daughter, Kierstin did, while attending the Paul Mithell School)

Angus Mitchell was born into the legacy of late legendary hairstylist Paul Mitchell. He is the only child of Paul Mitchell, the Scottish hairstylist who became famous in the 1960s for cutting hair so that it would move more freely, like women themselves were beginning to do. The elder Mr. Mitchell also helped found John Paul Mitchell Systems, the now-enormous beauty products company.

The younger Mitchell grew up on his father’s solar-powered farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. “I’m just lucky my name wasn’t River or Rainbow,” he said. As the son of the hair fashion icon, Angus’ unique upbringing in the hair industry exposed him to the same passion that inspired his father, thus leading him to eventually fulfill his destiny in the first family of hair. Angus’ distinctive and signature style as an artist …

The Paul Mitchell Journey

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Kierstin but everyone calls me Krissy. I am almost 21 years old and have two sisters, Amber (22) and Celeste (19).

Growing up I played competitive softball for as long as I can remember. So when my junior and senior year came along and college was the topic of every conversation I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Thanks to hard work, practice, and endless amounts of private lessons I was offered a full ride scholarship. Right, then my life seemed to be set. After a lot of back and forth and long talks with my parents, I decided to turn the offer down. I hung my glove up, put my cleats away, and retired.

Now looking back I think that was the biggest disappointment of my life because I would almost be done with …