Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Every year in early November, Walt Disney World transforms the Magic Kingdom into a winter wonderland for the holiday season. A 65-foot tree is put up at the entrance to the park, surrounded by toy soldiers, presents, and other holiday decorations. Main Street is adorned with wreaths, lights, garland, and everything you would expect of an Americana Christmas.

The lights in the park are changed to represent the season, and the parades and shows are updated to reflect the time. And last, and perhaps most impressive, is the transformation of Cinderella Castle. It is “frosted” by Elsa in a lighting ceremony every day, where 200,000 LED lights make the castle look like it has a frost covering it. Simply put, the Magic Kingdom becomes a Christmas story out of a children’s book.

These changes, not surprisingly, draw huge crowds to Walt Disney World in November and December. These crowds can …